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How can I use course fees to pay for my students' 3D printing?

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Faculty can request to use course fees toward 3D printing. To do so, please fill out our 3D Printing Course Allotment Request form

Use the Roster Request Form to obtain NAU User IDs for all students in your class:

  1. Enter the Class Number
  2. Select the Term and Year
  3. Leave the rest of the form in their default values
  4. Submit

You will receive an email with your course roster. Copy/Paste the email you receive from the Roster Request Form into the Student Information field of the 3D Printing Course Allotment Request form. 

To view or edit your courses or the student eligible to use course fees, visit your 3D Printing Courses

When students submit their print jobs, they should specify on the submission form that the job is using course fees. 

Please note that we do not attempt to verify that a print job fits the parameters or cost of a given assignment. We rely on students to be honest about the purpose of the job. Faculty are responsible for requesting audits to monitor their students' 3D printing costs. We will bill the speedchart number provided in the form for all 3D prints using course fees.

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