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May my students use course fees to cover the cost of printing class projects?

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Yes. We can bill your course fee account at the end of each semester for the cost of student printing, up to a limit per student that you set.

To set this up, please email the following information to at least 2 weeks before your students will begin printing:

  • The name of your department accounting contact
  • The speedchart number we should use for billing against your course fees
  • A list of students and the maximum amount they can charge against course fees. This list should include student names and student ID numbers and be in Excel or delimited text format.

When students submit their print jobs, they should specify on the submission form that the job is for a course and list the specific course. They will need to show picture ID and pay any cost above the specified maximum when they pick up the job. Please note that we do not attempt to verify that a print job fits the parameters of a given assignment. We rely on students to be honest about the purpose of the job.

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